Every space mission needs a mission control. It is a set of tools and activities to operate satellites.

Most mission control software and operations are still developed from scratch for each satellite mission. This results in higher operational risks as well as limited scalability and radio communication. Also, costs related to such solutions can amount up to 50% of the entire mission budget, making it a substantial investment.

Spaceit offers Mission Control as a Service, a one-stop solution for satellite operations. It includes a cloud-based Mission Control System (MCS), pre-integrated access to a worldwide network of ground stations, professional satellite management and supportive tools and services.

Spaceit Mission Control System covers the following key features for satellite command and control:

  • Commanding
  • Telemetry
  • Automation
  • Binary data exchange
  • Payload data delivery
  • Orbit prediction
  • Tracking
  • Ground stations integration
  • Contact scheduling
  • Supportive tools and services
  • Data analytics

Furthermore, Spaceit’s team of professionals operate satellites for you. Our PRO service option is an end-to-end solution for satellite operations, leaving you to not to worry about the communication infrastructure, but only to receive data from a designated destination.

Besides easy onboarding and high reliability, Spaceit helps to decrease satellite mission budget by over 80% on software and operations.