Company profile

Spaceit is a space tech company providing a cloud-based platform for mission control and ground station services. We offer Mission Control as a Service, a one-stop solution for satellite operations.

Spaceit infrastructure includes:

  • Cloud-based Mission Control System (MCS)
  • Connection to a worldwide network of ground stations
  • Satellite management
  • Supportive tools and services.

Space solutions do not have to be complicated and expensive, as well as satellite missions no longer need a crew of engineers to build and maintain the systems. Spaceit’s service makes access to space affordable through an efficient use of resources, extensive connections to ground stations and pay-as-you-go pricing. Satellite missions benefit from low latency, high reliability and security.

Using Spaceit’s platform, ground stations have an open marketplace to commoditize radio communication.

Spaceit is a spin-off of ESTCube-1 – the first Estonian satellite mission and the first satellite in the world to attempt to test an electric solar wind sail (E-sail).

Company timeline

  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
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  • 2015
  • 2013
July 2020

Spaceit cooperates with Celestial Space Technologies

Celestial completes the IGLUNA2020 Virtual Field Campaign organised by the Swiss Space Center with 100% success rate. During the project Spaceit’s Mission Control System was used to for the Celestial cis-lunar communication technology demonstration.

Spaceit and CYSEC sign a partner agreement

The companies are collaborating to integrate CYSEC’s ARCA security platform and Spacit’s Mission Control System to target customers in Space sector with high security requirements.

June 2020

Spaceit partners with NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

In the first stage of the cooperation, Spaceit’s Satellite Operations Simulator is made available at NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn, Estonia.

Spaceit and RBC Signals sign a partner agreement

Spaceit signs a partner agreement with RBC Signals to extend number of ground stations available in Mission Control System. RBC Signals is providing ground infrastructure and related services in a growing network of ground stations all over the globe.

May 2020

Spaceit and EnduroSat sign a partner agreement

Spaceit and EnduroSat sign a partner agreement to include access to EnduroSat’s ground communication infrastructure in the Mission Control System.

March 2020

Spaceit and CybExer Technologies start to offer cyber exercises for satellite operations

Spaceit and CybeExer Technologies enter into an agreement to provide cyber exercises targeting satellite operations. In the first stage, Spaceit’s Satellite Operations Simulator will be deployed into CybExer’s cyber range.

The state-of-the-art solution will enable cyber exercise participants to simulate attacking and defending a satellite mission, expanding their cybersecurity skills into the space domain. It will empower development, testing and validation of satellite communication systems in controlled environments and allow building cyber defence skills of satellite operators, system administrators and IT security experts.

Our missionAn affordable access to space

We believe space is no longer a distant frontier that only a selected few have an access to. The future is now and everyone should have the opportunity to use the latest technology without having to become industry pioneers themselves.

Spaceit provides the best mission control service as a one-stop solution for a fraction of funds, saving money, time and human resources.

Our visionTo be a key innovator in the NewSpace era

We recognize the vast potential the next-generation miniature satellites hold due to their scalability, ubiquity of service and reduced costs.

We are engaged to provide flawless and automated solutions to satellite missions, value creating activities to ground communication equipment owners, and help companies to take space as an opportunity.

We see ourselves as facilitators of the next boost in the space industry.