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Your Mission


Our Mission

Building awesome software for operating small satellites

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MCS as Service

Leave more time and resources for the most important part of the mission - its key objective. Focus on your goal! Whether it is remote sensing, telecommunication, technology, science experiment or something else - MCS has merely an enabler role to play.

Cloud based solution

Instead of being the core part of the mission, cloud based MCS can be used as a supportive service. Modern technology makes wonders - things we didn't expect few years ago are now part of everyday life. Looking at your satellite telemetry from mobile device from anywhere at any time - is it really too much to ask?

Product illustration
Product illustration

Professional customer support

You are not alone. We are here to assist you. Our technical support is happy to help you with MCS setup and everyday issues. Don't know where to start? You have brilliant idea for the feature which will make your life easier? Found an issue in the system? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Introducing the Mission Control System of the future


Less investments into constantly ageing hardware. Cloud based platform, responsive user interface and access to ground station networks are available on all of your devices.


Developing MCS in-house requires considerable effort. It takes a great deal of expertise, time and funds. Instead of employing software development team, you could outsource and use it as a service.


Any MCS requires hardware and software maintenance. By shifting the responsibility to a service provider, you could save countless hours. New features and updates are part of the Spaceit’s MCS.

Spend wisely

Pay for what you use is more flexible than upfront investment. Once the mission is over, recycling resources is a responsibility of the service provider.


Missions are different. In case our service is not meeting your expectations, we are happy to discuss a tailor made solution with you.


Clear and concise user interface to provide immediate feedback is something to expect from a cloud services today. MCS is not an exception. Responsive and comfortable UI is developed in cooperation with our customers.

Meet the Team

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Lauri Kimmel


Mission Control System development lead and mentor in ESTCube-1 mission. Has 12 years experience in software development. Latest positions include solution architect in CGI Estonia Space Team and backend developer in Observant Australia. Almost constantly working on projects related to monitoring and control solutions for last 5 years.

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Silver Lodi


Product vision, sales and finances in Spaceit. He has over 10 years experience in banking. Previous positions include client executive, project lead and in-house consulting in two of the largest banks in Baltics.

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Mihkel Jalakas


Frontend Developer in the company. He has over 10 years expertise in software development. Mihkel has composed various web environments for different organisations in Estonia.

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