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One-stop solution for satellite operations

Mission Control as a Service

Spaceit offers Mission Control as a Service (MCAAS), a one stop solution for satellite operations. It includes a cloud-based Mission Control System (MCS), pre-integrated access to a worldwide network of ground stations, professional satellite management, supportive tools and services. An integral part of our service is the cloud-based MCS.

Imagine looking at your satellite telemetry remotely from a mobile device from anywhere at any time without worrying about software development, data backups or operational risks. This way your satellite team can dedicate more time and resources to the most important part of the mission – its key objective.

MCAAS Features

We simplify access to space

Easy onboarding

Only details about communication protocol, telemetry and commands are required to get started.

Lower costs

Our pay-as-you-go service model is removing the need for a custom software development, hardware investments, ground station licences, personnel for upkeep and satellite management.

High reliability

Our software is constantly improved and tested. Data replication and automated backups ensure high integrity.

Clean and simple UI

We put extra effort into designing a smooth workflow and ensuring a user-friendly mission operating experience.

Worldwide radio communication

Spaceit unites numerous ground stations all over the world to provide extended communication time and with satellites.

Low latency

Using ground stations in various locations, increases an overall coverage and we are able to deliver data with the lowest latency available.

Efficient planning

Being integrated with different ground station networks, we ensure an effortless process of planning, booking and purchasing of radio communication and optimization of contact time usage.

Expert knowledge

A team of professionals to provide help and manage your satellites in orbit.

Customised solutions

We offer tailored services to fit the specifics of your mission.

Early adoption

Taking advantage of our services already in the early stages of development will help to maximize your benefit.

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